Invitation to

The second international conference for investment and reconstruction


Gentlemen /

Greetings …

Iraqi British chamber of commerce and industry is inviting you to attend the second international conference for investment and reconstruction, which is going to be held in Greece – Athens at the end of June 2018.

The conference is sponsored by Athens chamber of commerce and industry , Greek foreign affairs ministry , Greek economy ministry , Greek investment commission and both Iraq and Greece embassies.

The attendance is going to include representatives from the Iraqi ministries and the investment and economy commission in the Iraqi parliament.

The conference will focus on an economic and investment topics as follows:

  • Oil and energy
  • Banking and financial organizations
  • Air, land and sea transportations
  • private security companies
  • Reconstruction and rebuilding ( bridges , roads, hospitals and hotels)
  • Environment and health


The conference is a great opportunity to all companies and organizations, whereas the conference is going to have many economic activities including:

  • Offering a cooperative contracts between the participant Iraqi and Greek banks and companies.
  • Supporting exchange of the economic and investment information between Iraqi and Greek companies and banks
  • A new vision for the investment in Iraq
  • Discussing many important issues including the modern project funding and rebuilding Iraq`s infrastructure and developing Iraq`s stock market

The sponsored company (diamond class, golden class, silver class) shall have a special privilege that includes:

  • The Iraqi British chamber of commerce and industry bears all coasts for attending the conference
  • The sponsored company’s symbol shall be added with the conference logos and will be rewarded with a participation special shield
  • The sponsored company has the right to participate with a business letter at the presentation of the conference, and many other privileges.
Dr. Muafaq Al Shamary

Conferences and exhibitions department



The participation in the conference  qualifies the participant to have (the golden visa) which guarantees a 5 years residency for the person and his family, and having the Greece citizenship, with an obligation from Iraqi British chamber of commerce and industry to facilitate all the procedures to have the golden visa……with all our respect and appreciation